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What Does Alluvium Mean?

Alluvium is a deposit of material left by flowing streams resulting in fertile soil.  At Alluvium Leadership, we believe that the rivers of our lives and work have deposited fertile soil for growth and progress.

Alluvium Leadership exists to provide leaders and teams with growth and development so they in turn can impact their organizations, communities and the world.


Elizabeth (Liz) Coppinger, ACC, CPCC

Founder, Executive Coach, Leadership Developer, Advisor

Alluvium Leadership was started by founder Elizabeth (Liz) Coppinger as a next step in her successful career as an executive, consultant, technologist and developer of people.  As an executive coach and leadership developer, Liz builds on her extensive business and technical experience with training and accreditation in coaching. She is passionate about people and the good they can do in the world as they become the best leaders possible.  Liz cares, is deeply experienced, is sassy and witty, and has a deep well of knowledge and experience. She has seen (and sometimes fallen in) the pitfalls that are in your way.

Liz approaches all of her services by putting people first and having some fun along the way.  As a coach, she sees that work and life both impact each other and therefore the whole person should be addressed through coaching.  As a leadership developer, she sees that unless those skills are applicable and relevant to the individual's success, they have a tough time being adopted. 

Liz has led teams both as an executive as well as a consulting leader and program owner.  She has worked in startups, non-profits, government and multi-national corporations.  Liz has managed a P&L, held a sales quota and developed business sectors from the ground up.  She has experienced the challenges first hand of building teams, growing businesses and navigating new organizations.


Liz also serves on the board of trustees for the Colorado Wyoming chapter of the National MS Society.  She has been a guest lecturer for the University of Colorado Denver school of business for their MBA program's leadership course.  She has been a CEO panel moderator for the Colorado Oil and Gas Summit.  She has developed, led and facilitated board, leadership and team retreats from small groups to hundreds of attendees.  

Liz started her career with a degree in Civil Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) from Case Western Reserve University.  She quickly entered the business world with Accenture as a part of their technology practice.  She was a developer, designer and implementer of technology solutions.  She also spent time as a sales engineer and jill of all trades within a technology startup.  She spent 17+ years at Point B as a senior executive, director and consultant.  She brings this variety of experiences and roles to all of her work.

She is a certified leadership coach by Co-Active Training Institute and holds their Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation as well as the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  

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